The Beginning…

As I start this blog, I am honestly not sure where God is going to take it.  I am nineteen years old and will be in my second year of college at Mississippi State University studying Special Education.  For many years now, God has given me a passion for individuals touched by special needs and especially disability ministry in the church.  I hope to share my thoughts and experiences with others to encourage and inspire many people to further this unique ministry in God’s Kingdom.
My goals for this blog are:
  • to promote disability ministry in all churches and amongst all people
  • to give practical tips from my experiences on how to include individuals with special needs into the Church body
  • to share many different stories and opportunities going on in churches around the US
  • to inspire even young people to make this type of ministry a part of their lives
The passage that I have chosen from Mark as the foundation for this blog is just one of many clear instances in scripture where Christ commands His people to share His love with everyone.  Please see the About section of this blog to read the whole passage. My prayer is that this call will be present in all of our churches across the country.
I am looking forward to sharing more very soon!!

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