Special Needs Ministry in Churches

My home church for the past seven years, Pear Orchard Presbyterian, has a very strong and beautiful disability ministry.  One of the main reasons why I am even passionate about individuals touched by special needs is because of my years volunteering with this impacting ministry at my church.  It continues to teach me so much about myself, others, and Christ’s unending and sovereign love.  

Unfortunately, ministry to special needs in often absent in our churches today.  Only about five percent of our churches in this nation are welcoming these families touched by disability into congregations.  We are often turning people away from God’s sanctuary instead of drawing them in.  Granted, this can be a very messy and complicated ministry.  Yet we, as God’s people, are specifically called in scripture to love and welcome EVERYONE.  

Are we prepared to take on this huge task of drawing our churches back to this ministry? As the next generation, are we ready to turn the tide? 

Let us all come together using 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 as our guide–drawing the kingdom of God in unity back to the beautiful multi-faceted body of Christ.  

In his profound book called Disability and the Gospel, Michael Beates writes: “How much more so, when the container is characterized by brokenness, does the beauty of God’s grace and the hope of the gospel shine forth in all its glory.”

Watch and see as God works majestically through our utter brokenness and brings about a majesty.  Does this not make you fired up to spread disability ministry into all of our churches across the country?! 


One thought on “Special Needs Ministry in Churches

  1. Victoria,

    I just want to encourage you. Your blog is very inspiring and encouraging…I am excited to see where God is taking you and I know that we are equally committed to advancing disability ministry.

    Be blessed,
    Mike Dobes

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