Faithfulness without Acknowledgement

This weekend was a Missions Conference at my church in Starkville, MS.  I always love these weekends because I walk away so inspired after listening to all the great things being done around the world to spread the gospel.  Just like previous years, I left the conference dreaming about all the great things I could do with my life and all the wonderful places I could go.  Then, of course, I sunk into deep thoughts wondering how in the world I could get there.  Am I on the right path to do wonderful and mighty things with my life?  Will I one day be able to stand before a congregation and talk about the ministries I have started and the hundreds of conversions that have taken place?  Is this really the most important thing in my life?

When I was younger, I read so many missionary biographies and I became determined that this would be my life’s goal.  One day I was going to just pick a country and move there to convert all the “heathens.”  Looking at my life now, I realize that this dream may not really be what my life will look like.  In the future, I could just be a unknown school teacher working way over the top trying to help those “retarded kids” learn how to read.  That doesn’t sound near as exciting or worthwhile! What a ridiculous and worthless thing to devote your entire life to!  This may never allow me to speak before congregations to talk about how great my work is going!

However, this is not the way Jesus lived while He was on earth.  Our mighty savior spent most of  His time humbly caring for the lowly and broken.  He walked the streets not broadcasting himself but rather kneeling down to pour out love to the disabled.  So many of the people of His time were astonished by the little amount of work Jesus was doing.  Jesus was supposed to come to earth with a might celebration and rescue all His people in unbelievable ways!  Yet just like He always does, Jesus gave us a beautiful and perfect example of humble and faithful service for all of His people.  He showed us that furthering His Kingdom does not necessarily mean doing huge things and converting whole towns at once.  Jesus teaches us by example that His ministry is about reaching the one lost person.  He rescues us and serves each of His children one-by-one through humbly and faithfully caring for us.  How much more so should we live like that in return!

If I truly believed that Jesus’ style of ministry is exhibited by humble and lowly service, than I would be thrilled to live like this.  I should feel incredibly honored to spend my entire life in faithful service to those touched by disability even if no one ever even realizes what I am doing.

I believe that God uses us the most when we are faithful and steadfast in seeking after His glory.  This is the greatest encouragement we could ever receive in devoting your life to disability ministry.  When I think how much Jesus sought after me, I am moved to be more faithful in my service for His people even if no one else may ever know what I do.  Jesus’ heart is for the lowly and outcast of the world… I pray that this is where my heart will remain daily as I move forward to teach and care for children with disabilities.

The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Matthew 23:11-12

2 thoughts on “Faithfulness without Acknowledgement

  1. What a blessing you are, this is such a wonderful testimony of you answering God’s calling in your life!! I want to share it with Jamie and the LLH staff!!

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